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Comparison of the Athelmintic effect of Malunggay seeds extract and Makahiya leaves against Ascaris suum.


Angel Grace A. Actub,
Joymae R. Alanano,
Malcolm Gwynn F. Baring,
Christine Coleen C. Camporedondo,
Romnette Divine Y. Castillo,
Rochelle May  C. Cepe,
Shiela M. Cheng,
Criszandra  D. Escano,
Jan Rizalino B. Gahit

Related Institution

Institute of Clinical Laboratory Sciences - Silliman University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Medical Technology
Publication Date


     The focus of the study was to determine which between Makahiya (Mimosa pudica) and Malunggay (Moringa oleilfera have better anthelmintic effects against Ascaris suum. Using in vitro examinations, roundworms from domestic pigs were exposed to solutions of Malunggay or Makahiya extracts.  The number of dead or alive A. suum was recoded every hour for 6 hours.  Using the T-test, the results of the plant extracts and the control groups were compared.  Both the Makahiya and Malungay extract  yielded no significant difference with the negative control, but was significally different with the positive control.  When the two extracts were compared with each other, the result indicated that there were no significant differences between the deaths of the roundworms from the two extracts.  Since both of the plant extracts demonstrated no significant difference with the negative control and showed significant difference with the positive control, the results indicated that the death of the roundworms administered with the two plant extracts were due to natural causes and not by the plant extracts themselves.


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