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Selected training parameters as contributing factors to type of injuries acquired among varsity athletes in Silliman University.


Kim M. Alabastro,
Arle C. Almendral,
Khristian  F. Calloa,
JC Clare M. Daniel,
Carol R. Girasol,
Dawn T. Managbanag,
Threena A. Saycon,
Alexia Petrina A. Tabasa

Related Institution

Institute of Rehabilitative Sciences - Silliman University

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Physical Therapy
Publication Date
March 2018


          This study aims to find out if selected training parameters (intensity, frequency, and duration) of varsity athletes in Silliman University contribute on the type of sports-related injuries. Varsity athletes from elementary, high school, and college were given 25 questionnaires each and 75 respondents met the inclusion criteria. This study aimed to describe the selected training parameters of varsity athletes in terms of training intensity, frequency and duration to raise awareness and educate coaches and trainers about the types of injuries that athletes experience and in the hopes of encouraging further research on the efficient ways to train athletes. Questionnaires were distributed to the varsity athletes and were collected and documented. Contents of questionnaire include athlete's age, height, weight, type of injury acquired, frequency, duration and intensity of training. Results of the questionnaires were tabulated by the researchers and processed by a statistician. The study utilized  Point Biserial Coefficient of Correlation to test the hypotheses. The researchers identified sprain (37.33%), strain (21.33%), fracture (10.67%), dislocation (17.33%) and subluxation (9.33%) as the most common injuries incurred among athletes. From the computed p-value, of the three training parameters (intensity, duration and frequency) identified by the researchers, only the training has significant relationship on the type of injury acquired by varsity athletes in Silliman University.


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