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Intensity of headaches and its relationship to type of headaches, lifestyle, sleeping hours, and stress among college students of Silliman University.


Joshua S. Balbuena,
CJ Von G. Dagdayan,
Alain  N. De Vera Jr.,
Keiv Myron A. Elumba,
Marvin Ray R. Florendo,
Jedidiah L. Tan,
John Jordan G. Tan

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
March 2018


Silliman University students symbolizes excellence in all aspects of life. From the classroom, to the workplaces, and even om international competitions; when a Sillimanian is in any of these settings, it is expected that they stand out. With that in mind, we can imagine the rigorous training that each Sillimanian undergoes. There are so many adverse effects on a person in which the rigors of Silliman life can offer, and so our team set off to study how these effects can affect the performance of these Sillimanians in the court,the track, and the field. We decided to conduct research on Headaches, perhaps the most common, but in our perspective, one of the most disabling as well. As simple as headaches, it is not. there are a myriad of effects headaches can inflict on a Sillimanian. 


Our study aims to determine the relationship between the contributing factors such as Lifestyle. Sleeping hours, and Stress with the intensity of headaches experienced by college students in Silliman University. We conducted research specifically on the College of Business Administration (CBA), College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), and Institute of Rehabilitative Sciences (IRS); these departments are well known for theirs rigors and high standards, and with ample amount of student population, make it favorable research environment. Questionnaires pertaining to the individual's demographic profiles and activities were distributed to the aforementioned departments. Data from these questionnaires were gathered, analyzed, and interpreted. The statistical tool used was the Chi- square and percentage. 


We conducted that, among the contributing factors, Stress has a significant relationship with intensity which revealed a chi square value of 22.42 and a p-value of .004194. The study is significant in raising awareness to the University regarding the prevalence and effects of headaches. With awareness of such matter, preventive measures may be taken place especially in colleges deemed by many as being stressful. The study, being the first to tackle such topic, can serve as a pilot study for researches wishing to study the effects of headache on other aspects of the college student's life.


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